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Transport and Logistics Stakeholders Network

TalkNET aims at improving and strengthening the coordination among freight transport stakeholders (ports, inland terminals, transport operators and policy makers) for efficient and environmentally-friendly multimodal transport solutions in central Europe.

Two main fileds of actions have been identified within the project: multimodality optimization (last mile connections, multimodal terminal efficiency, improvement or activation of multimodal services) and ECO-innovation solutions (alternative fuels, energy efficiency solutions). The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is the lead partner of the project, that involves other 14 project partners.

Port of Venice’s actions: the port of Venice will carry out analysis and feasibility studies for the improvement of existing and new services to connect the port to the central European markets, removal of bottlenecks for the operational capacity of the node and energy efficiency solutions. Moreover, pilot actions will be implemented to optimize control systems of rail traffic and shunting operations in order to develop interoperability and integration with railway freight corridors.

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Intermodal Green Alliance – Fostering Nodes

Period: 01/04/2019 – 30/06/2022

InterGreen-Nodes is a European project co-financed by the Interreg Programme CENTRAL EUROPE 2014-2020 and coordinated by the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Wildau (Germany).

13 partners are involved, including the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority.
The project started on 1 April 2019 and has a duration of about 3 years, officially concluding on 30 June 2022, with a total budget of over 2 million and 300 thousand euros.

The objective of the project is to support actions aimed at making freight transport in urban areas more sustainable and intermodal in the last mile, in order to create logistic “green corridors” to and from the central Europe regions, with the involvement of stakeholders both at regional and European level. Innovative solutions will therefore be put in place to enhance integrated transport systems.

What does the Port of Venice and Chioggia
The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority will carry out studies and analyses for the development of new intermodal services towards the markets of the central Europe area. The budget is 162,000 euros, 100% funded.
In particular, three studies were implemented as part of the project:

  • – analysis for the identification of the development dynamics of river cruising in the lagoon and on the Po;
  • – study for the creation of a customsfast corridor” for bureaucratic simplification in the activity of transferring goods unloaded in the Port of Venice and directed for loading;
  • – analysis for the development of an intermodal platform for the optimization of the traffic of the port of Venice towards the new markets of central Europe.

Main objectives
InterGreen-Nodes will improve coordination among freight transport stakeholders for increasing mulitmodal environmentally-friendly freight solutions, by:

  1. Facilitating the alignment between regional interest and EC recommendations on freight transport and regional development. Build capacity and ensure the transfer of knowledge on solutions and opportunities across authorities and freight stakeholders.
  2. Improving coordination among planning authorities and freight transport stakeholders to increase multimodal and sustainable freight solutions for deployment in the CE region, by hamronizing planning methods along the demands of spatial planning, as well as intermodal terminal processes and the demands of the immediate spatial surroundings of the terminals.
  3. Exchanging methods, processes and technology-implementation-approaches between intermodal terminals throughout the CE region. Thereby harmonizing methods and helping terminals to adapt to the future demands of growing freight transport flows and the necessity to organize terminal processes in a environmently-friendly way.

This will be achieved by deploying innovative joint intermodal and logistics solutions for improved levels of service, which Increase the adoption of green solutions for different segments of the logistic supply chain, especially on the last mile.

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Environmental Rehabilitation of brownfield Sites in central Europe

GreenerSites, leaded by the City of Venice, seeks to improve the environmental management of unused/underused industrial areas through the definition of strategies and tools based on a sustainable integrated approach to make involved Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) cleaner, healthier and more liveable places.

The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority will develop a pilot project (in the so called “Montesyndial” area) , which also includes an investment to test an innovative more environmental friendly and cost effective wat to provide the capping.

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