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Before starting the activity, anyone who carries out operational tasks at the port of Venice must have attended the minimum training courses established by the Training Commission and regulated by the Ord. n. 16 2018

Specific skills

Workers of companies authorized pursuant to articles. 16 and 17 of law 84/94 and subsequent amendments. who hold operational roles at the Port of Venice must access appropriate training courses, aimed at raising the level of safety.

The tasks for which mandatory training courses are foreseen are:

crane operator;

forklift driver;

stacker driver;

shovel/bobcat driver;

excavator driver;

shuttle truck/tanker driver (pat. C requirement);

tug master Ro/Ro driver (req. Pat. C and possession of shuttle/tanker truck qualification);

generic operational;

container salesman;

salesman of various goods;

bulk stevedore;

stevedore for various goods;

weigh operator;


Info on courses

For information on scheduled courses and their contents:


Address: zona portuale Santa Marta Fabb. 16 – 30123 Venezia
Telephone: 041 5334155/56
Fax: 041 5334157
Web Site:


Establishment of the training commission
Download Ordinance no. here. 254

Renewal of the Training Commission
Download Ordinance no. here. 412

Training and qualification of personnel responsible for port operations and services in the Port of Venice
Download Ordinance no. here. 16 2018

Informative videos

Presentation video of the portal, created by the CFLI with the aim of offering orientation to young people, to the port profession and logistics in general.

Video tutorials on internships and incentives relating to the Youth Guarantee project.

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