PNRR Projects

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) in support of the planning and development of the ports of Venice and Chioggia.

The PNRR represents one of the guiding references in the long-term planning of the entire Veneto Port System, particularly in the following components:

a)Intermodality and Integrated Logistics” which aims to improve the competitiveness and production capacity of the ports by promoting intermodality and connectivity with major European communication routes, developing connections with both oceanic and intra-Mediterranean traffic, with a view to reducing climate-altering emissions.

b)Digitization, Innovation, and Safety in Public Administration” which recognizes digital transition as a driving factor for the efficiency and competitiveness of port systems. This concept is also echoed in the annex to the 2021 Economic and Financial Document – “Ten years to transform Italy.”

Within the framework of the PNRR Italy, financial resources are allocated as follows:

  • MIMS for the electrification of port docks, a priority intervention aimed at reducing polluting emissions from ships moored in port during loading and unloading operations at the dock, with positive impacts on the maritime and environmental ecosystem and a total financial allocation of 700 million euros;
  • MiTE for reducing energy consumption related to cargo handling activities and port buildings, with a specific focus on lighting systems and the replacement of installations to improve energy efficiency, the production of energy from renewable sources, and environmental monitoring of port areas, with a total financial allocation of 270 million euros.

Thanks to the PNRR, the AdSP MAS (Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea) will be able to carry out projects related to the development of railway interconnection and intermodality, making the ports of Venice and Chioggia more sustainable, digitalized, and attractive for international investments.

Projects financed by the PNRR


The table shows the projects and the related funded contribution

Construction of 8 columns for the supply of electricity to service vehicles in Venice and Chioggia

€ 115,762.50

Purchase of a hydrogen boat in collaboration with the AdSP of Livorno and Trieste

€ 1,916,000.00

Quota reserved for dealers for the purchase of electric vehicles for dock operations

€ 4,581,639.16

Resolution of the lighting and system critical issues of the Port of Chioggia – Common areas

€ 1,215,907.00

Purchase of service vehicles for the NASPA: n. 4 full electric vehicles, n. 1 hydrogen service vehicle, replacing internal combustion engine vehicles

€ 241,000.00

Quay infrastructure in the Multiservice Terminal for the supply of electricity to vehicles on the quay

€ 3,811,327.00

Quay infrastructure in TRV Terminal for the supply of electricity to vehicles on the quay

€ 687,225.00