Ship Waste Plan

The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is committed to projects aimed at protecting and reducing the impact of port activities on the lagoon, recognizing its environmental, historical, and scenic value.

These activities include the identification of procedures and measures for:

  • managing waste produced by ships and cargo residues, with the goal of increasing recycling in line with the objectives of the Regional Plan for Waste Management;
  • other activities involve cleaning the water surfaces;
  • establishing facilities for collecting and treating rainwater in Venice and Marghera;
  • designing and implementing environmental marginalization works;
  • creating mudflats and morphological structures for the preservation and protection of the lagoon ecosystem, in collaboration with other authorities responsible for lagoon protection.

Regarding the management of waste produced by ships and cargo residues, NASPA, in compliance with Legislative Decree 197/2021, develops and updates the Waste Collection and Management Plan for both the Port of Venice and the Port of Chioggia. This document includes a tariff system designed to encourage and increase waste differentiation.