The Training

The Training at the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority represents a tool for both personal and professional growth of resources, for skill development, and for raising awareness of each individual’s role within the organization. It is a fundamental lever in the current process of transformation and transition.

Training in AdSP MAS

Based on the analysis of training needs, the Authority has outlined its Training Plan, taking into account qualitative factors such as motivation and a sense of belonging. The goal of this plan is to support the organization in achieving its institutional and strategic objectives outlined in the Three-Year Operating Plan and the Integrated Activity and Organization Plan, while simultaneously strengthening the skills and capabilities of its staff.

Considering the Three-Year Operating Plan 2022-2024 and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Port Authority has initiated training courses and moments on “core” topics such as digitalization, cybersecurity, soft skills, project management, process reengineering, sustainability, and gender equality.

In general, as part of its personnel-focused policies, the Authority promotes the cultural growth of its employees, including the right to study. Customized working hours are, in fact, favored for employees enrolled in secondary schools, university degree programs, postgraduate programs, or research doctorates that are consistent with the individual employee’s activities within the organization. Interested personnel can use the “hour bank” during their enrollment in these study programs.

Regarding the promotion of internships and educational and career guidance, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority has adopted its own regulations to create moments of alternation between study and work to stimulate the professional choices of young people through direct exposure to the world of work. The internships offered by the Authority are primarily aimed at young individuals pursuing university studies consistent with the activities and objectives of the Authority.

Over the years, the Authority has also supported the school-work alternation project as a hosting institution through its participation and collaboration with the IIS Polo Tecnico Professionale in Venice S. Venier and ITS Marco Polo institutes.

Our training projects