Outpatient activities

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Responsible Institution


Outpatient activities

The outpatient activities, carried out at the request of users, are the following:

  • Verification of physical and mental suitability for people who intend to register with the seafarers
  • Annual medical visits to issue certification of physical suitability to carry out the diving activity
  • Medical visits to certify physical fitness to carry out professional underwater fishing and diving activities
  • Suitability visits of port workers
  • First degree medical commissions for suitability for navigation
  • Commissions for port pilots
  • Vaccinations and exemptions for international travelers or ship crew members
  • Antimalarial prophylaxis

User Base

These services are available to any user who requests them from USMAF-SASN UT Venice, following the payment of specific fees.

Booking Medical Examinations and Yellow Fever Vaccination

Via e-mail: usma.venezia@sanita.it
By phone: 06 59944836
In person at the office during opening hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Required Documents

  • Valid identification document
  • Tax identification code (Codice fiscale)
  • Original receipt of payment to the postal account 13131305 registered to:
  • USMAF DORSODURO 1416 ZATTERE 30123 VENEZIA VE, with reason “medical visit or vaccination
  • If a bank transfer is made, a printout of the payment must be produced, which shows the identification code of the successful completion of the credit (C.R.O.) by bank transfer to the iban code IT88 U076 0102 0000 00013131305.


The fees for medical examinations, enrollment in the maritime sector, and certification for divers and underwater fishermen are €30.00.

The cost for yellow fever vaccination is €15.00, plus the vaccine cost.

The cost for exemption from yellow fever vaccination is €30.00.

Medical-legal visits, medical tests to be submitted

  • – Electrocardiogram (the port doctor may request a cardiological examination, which is in any case mandatory for the biannual visit at the SASN-Navigators’ Health Assistance Service)
  • – Blood chemistry tests: blood group, Rh factor, complete blood count with leukocyte formula, blood sugar, urea nitrogen, creatinine, ALT, AST, GAMMAGT
  • – Complete urinalysis
  • – Mantoux intradermal test or Quantiferon test
  • – Blood chemistry tests: blood group-Rh factor, complete blood count with leukocyte formula, blood sugar, urea nitrogen, ESR, hemogenic tests
  • – Complete urinalysis
  • – Resting ECG
  • – ECG after step test
  • – Spirometric test
  • – ENT examination-audiogram (attach the tracing), static and dynamic labyrinthine tests
  • – Ophthalmological examination – natural and possibly corrected vision, chromatic sense, fundus examination.

All the tests required for carrying out the underwater fishing activity and, in addition, the certificate issued by the doctor of the Authorized Center for Hyperbaric Medicine (list of Hyperbaric Medicine Centres)


  • – An integration of the tests may however be requested, if the Doctor deems it appropriate at the time of the visit for a correct definition of suitability
  • – The medical certificates must be presented in original, and with an issue date no earlier than six months before the medical examination
  • – If you wish to keep copies of the assessments submitted, it is recommended that you make photocopies in advance
  • – If visual impairment, present yourself without contact lenses and with eyeglasses as a result
  • – If the user suffers from pathologies, he must present appropriate health documentation
  • – Users who are minors must be accompanied by a parent or trusted person with proxy
  • – For more information on the issuing of certificates for suitability for work, visit the Ministry of Health website

Yellow fever vaccination and international travel advice

  • Requirements for vaccination of international travelers against yellow fever are subject to change at any time. It is important for travelers to ensure they know the requirements of the country they are traveling to by checking with the relevant consulate or embassy.
  • The vaccination against yellow fever will produce its effects from the 10th day after its administration and has an unlimited duration.
  • The undersigned Office is exclusively responsible for immunization against yellow fever; for all other vaccines, the user must contact the competent health authority for the area of residence.
  • Further useful information on travellers’ diseases and prophylaxis can be found at the following link on the Ministry of Health website where, by selecting the country of travel destination, you can find information on any other vaccinations and/or prophylaxis to undergo; and in the Infectious Diseases section.
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