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The music of university bands at the San Basilio Waterfront Music Fest

The music of university bands will once again bring life to the spaces of San Basilio on Friday, October 13, 2023, with the San Basilio Waterfront Music Fest, for an evening dedicated to music. Born in 2021, the festival is designed to kick off the new academic year on the right note and provide a platform for the creativity and talent of students. The event, which is free to attend, will take place between warehouses 5 and 6 in San Basilio, one of the centers of university life.

The festival is organized by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (NASPA) – Ports of Venice and Chioggia.

The selected artists and bands that will perform on stage are Befire and Nesho. In line with the promotion of the area, the San Basilio Waterfront Music Fest pays particular attention to the theme of the sea. Emerging artists who will take the stage will also be asked to perform a live cover of the song “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding. A jury selected by the Northern Adriatic Sea Port Authority will award the best interpretation.

Live performances will be accompanied by two DJ sets provided by Radio Ca’ Foscari and Hard Rock Cafe Venice.

For those who cannot attend in person, the event will be broadcast in its entirety live on unive.it/radiocafoscari.


The program:

7:00 PM – DJ set by Radio Ca’ Foscari
8:00 PM – Official greetings
Following: Performances by Befire and Nesho
10:30 PM – DJ set by Hard Rock Cafe
There will also be a refreshment point managed by ‘I Retròdatati’.


Biography of the artists and bands performing:

Befire is a pop-rock band from Venice composed of four young members: Caterina (vocals), Ale Mesa (guitar), Sabba (bass), and Oliver (drums).

Formed in the summer of 2021, they quickly demonstrated their unity in choosing their sound in live performances, aiming to give their best with stage presence and audience engagement.

They play covers and originals and have just finished recording three songs, soon to be available on streaming platforms.

Their musical influences span various genres, from punk to rock to indie, covering the entire spectrum of rock music. After a couple of mini-tours and their participation in the Ciani Live Aid in 2022 and the fairs of Parco Piraghetto, Sant’Antonio, and Zelarino in 2023, the band is about to kick off the autumn concert season, which will take place in various locations in the Veneto region, where they will also present their upcoming singles.


Nesho emerged in the spring of 2021 and currently consists of Riccardo Brunello (vocals, rhythm guitar), Alessandro Ardizzon (electric guitar), Stefano Donà (bass), Marco Fiorese (keyboards), and Marco Ortolan (drums).

All the members of Nesho come from different listening and practical experiences. Nesho’s genre becomes a fusion of pop music, neo-soul, funk, indie-alternative, with some light hints of pop-rock.

In short, it’s a genre that facilitates the transmission of messages to the audience and is therefore always seasoned with lightness and catchiness, but not to the point of being predictable. This is why there is a strong emphasis on arrangements, motivated by the fun of the whole group and their close-knit connection, as well as their curiosity to experiment with constant novelty and complexity. In addition, their songwriting is highly introspective, often autobiographical.