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The new Commander of the Port Captaincy (CP) of Chioggia, Captain Alessio Palmisano, took part in the proceedings of the Management Board: the first meeting after taking command last Friday.

After the traditional handing over of the crest, President Di Blasio, in his opening remarks at the Management Committee meeting, extended a warm welcome and best wishes on behalf of the entire Port Authority to the newly appointed Commander.

Palmisano, born in 1973, after obtaining qualifications in legal practice, completed his training at the Livorno Academy. He then served at the Harbour Masters Office of Bari, where he held various significant positions and acquired high-level training in the fields of maritime safety and navigation. Subsequently, he served at the Harbour Masters Office of Barletta. Before taking command in Chioggia, Palmisano held important roles in the control and monitoring of the national fleet, maritime personnel training, and security at the General Command of the Port Captaincies in Rome.