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The Port Authority (NASPA) Begins Maintenance on Via Maestri del Lavoro Bridge

Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, President of the Venetian Port System Authority, inaugurated the functional upgrade works on the Via Maestri del Lavoro Bridge today, along with the Mayor of Chioggia, Mauro Armelao.

The bridge is located in the port area and is therefore under the jurisdiction of the NASPA.

The structure consists of two adjacent bridges with 17 spans, built at the end of the 1990s, spanning 336 meters in length and 9.2 meters in width. The maintenance project includes the complete replacement of the asphalt pavement, the installation of new rubber expansion joints, the replacement of road barriers and pedestrian railings, the renewal of road signage, and the maintenance of reinforced concrete structures through a rehabilitation process for corroded and exposed reinforcements, along with the restoration of the bridge deck using special mortars and protective coatings. The total cost of the project amounts to 2.3 million euros, with 1.1 million financed by the Authority and 1.2 million financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure. The company Cadore Asfalti, the awarded contractor, is expected to complete the project by approximately May 25, 2024. The works will be carried out by closing traffic on one bridge and establishing two-way traffic on the other, which will not be affected by the works temporarily. After the maintenance is completed on the first bridge, the same traffic management will be applied to the second bridge. At the end of the works, the road configuration will be restored to its current state with two lanes in each direction.


President Di Blasio of NASPA stated: “The maintenance work on the Via Maestri del Lavoro Bridge is an important commitment for the Authority, which aims to ensure the safety of one of the main access routes to the center of Chioggia and the primary land connection between the port areas of Val Da Rio and Saloni. The works, planned to cause as little inconvenience as possible to both the resident population and the port operators, will not hinder vehicle traffic with two-way traffic and will be completed in approximately eight months. We thank the Municipality of Chioggia for their continuous encouragement and valuable collaboration. It is thanks to this synergy that many objectives have been achieved in recent years, both in terms of port enhancement – particularly in the cruise sector – and in the planning and interventions in the areas where the port and the city intersect. We are confident that this fruitful collaboration between administrations will allow us to achieve further excellent results for the benefit of the community in the near future.”

Mayor Mauro Armelao of Chioggia stated: “I would like to thank President Di Blasio and his team for addressing the needs of a territory in which the Port Authority manages an important area of our city. I recall that from the day of my inauguration, I worked to build good relationships with all the authorities involved in various sectors for the good of our city. This work was a priority for me because the bridge required a radical restoration both underneath and on the road surface. Nearly two and a half million euros is a significant amount and, I repeat, it comes thanks to the excellent relationships built in these first two years of my administration with President Di Blasio, and they will bear fruit in the future. I am firmly convinced that citizens are interested in the results that will be visible to all. It’s good to have coordinated the project to cause as little disruption as possible to the citizens; it’s clear that the work must be done.”