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South Eastern Europe marine and river integrated system for monitoring the transportation of dangerous goods.

Period: Febbraio 2011 – Dicembre 2013
Project Total Budget: € 1.897.900,00

The SEE MARINER project focused on mitigating environmental risks arising from the transportation of dangerous goods in marine areas and rivers by applying an integrated system for the joint prevention and response procedures, enhancing monitoring of maritime and river traffic and increasing co-ordination capacity for the mobilization of the relevant authorities and stakeholder groups.

SEE MARINER achieved important improvements in the interoperability of monitoring activities in the prevention of environmental risks. The exchange of knowledge and the analysis of existing good practices in systems for monitoring the transport of dangerous goods led to the development and implementation of an innovative, transferable and replicable system (the SEEMARINER info system).
In this scenario, Venice Port Authority developed a support mechanism for monitoring the transport of dangerous goods in the SEE ports and river areas, by providing a transnational and transferable methodology for integrating AIS data in the in the local Port Community System.