Italy – Slovenia Safeport

European Territorial Cooperation


Period: 14/03/2011 – 13/11/2014 Total project budget: € 2.730.000,00 SAFEPORT or the first time, involved all the Adriatic ports, supported by the University of Primorska in Koper, on the issues of safety and environmental protection in the port area, promoting a permanent cross-border network. Indeed the project was created to pursue standards that meet the needs of security and competitiveness of the entire North Adriatic port system. Its main aim was to identify procedures and agreed guidelines for the prevention and reduction of environmental and industrial risks in the port areas of Ravenna, Chioggia, Venice, Monfalcone, Nogaro, Trieste and Koper. The situation of these ports with regards to these issue was in fact strongly inhomogeneous. With the more general purpose to improve the territorial integration and communication among port areas of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Veneto Region , Emilia Romagna Region and the Republic of Slovenia, the partnership decided to focus its activities on some common issues:
  • emergencies and relevant incidents in the port area (industrial risk);
  • the reduction of air pollution resulting from vessel traffic and port logistic operations (environmental risk);
  • risks and effects produced by the discharge into the sea of dangerous goods or polluting substances;
  • risks arising from the handling of dangerous goods in ports.
As a concrete result, the project improved the territorial integration and communication among the involved port areas and also sketch out joint strategies and actions for a more efficient management of emergencies and accidents at work and a reduction of air pollution and the marine environment.