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The collaboration between the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority and the Municipality of Venice continues in promoting projects with educational and cultural value. After the presentation of the “Port Educational” project at Cà Farsetti on May 15, the two entities have now introduced the multimedia application “Virtual Museum of the Ports of Venice and Chioggia” at the Torre di Porta Nuova within the framework of the Venice Boat Show.

The application, developed by the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority in collaboration with numerous public and private partners, offers a fresh narrative of the Veneto port history from the past to the present. It enables users to navigate through points of interest located in Venice’s historic center, Marghera, and Chioggia, both on-site and remotely. This immersive experience allows users to delve into the past, gain insights into the present, and envision the future of Venetian maritime and port culture.

The “Ports of Venice and Chioggia – Virtual Museum” app, in particular, utilizes georeferencing of selected points of interest and visitor device localization to provide real-time suggestions for the visitor’s itinerary, starting from their current location.

Through the app, users can: discover key points of interest related to the activities of the ports of Venice and Chioggia, both past and present; be guided through thematic itineraries; access textual, video, and multimedia content; view aerial perspectives of the most interesting areas of the lagoon ports; engage in games to unlock additional content and curiosities.

The app also includes a section specifically designed for younger users (ages 8-11), featuring drawings, animations, and games that allow them to learn about the history, activities, and professions of the two port cities while earning the title of “experts of port”.

“The trends in international tourism highlight the increasing attention, both from visitors and operators, towards respecting the places and communities, starting from rediscovering and enhancing their origins and local culture,” says Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, President of the North9 Adriatic Sea Port System Authority. “Venice and its port have always been connected, and this tool aims to emphasize the link between the past and present of Venice’s maritime and port culture while opening up the navigation within the port’s reality to everyone, overcoming barriers to accessing the port’s reality. Starting today, in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice – Tourism Department, we will promote it as a tool to showcase Venice as a port city, not only to the millions of tourists who visit every year but also to those planning their future visit or who have already visited and wish to delve into unpublished content.”

“3D reconstructions, galleries, animations, and much more. The multimedia application ‘Museo Virtuale dei Porti di Venezia e Chioggia’ is an important piece of a mosaic rich in voices and stories through which the city tells its own tale, avoiding being told by others, as has been the case for too long in the past,” says Simone Venturini, Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Venice. “It is crucial to explain, in innovative and engaging ways, not only the glorious past of the Serenissima but also how our territory, both in the lagoon and on the mainland, is focused on the future, emphasizing technological, economic, and social progress, as well as sustainability. These itineraries have the merit of disseminating what surrounds us with an innovative approach, integrating into a narrative that we want to enrich more and more with the voices of cultural realities and the world of work in the city. In this ‘orchestra,’ the port is an indispensable presence; without it, Venice would not be the same.”


Presentazione dell'Applicazione multimediale Museo Virtuale dei Porti di Venezia e Chioggia