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The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority presents the Ships Pavilion Virtual Tour Project at the Boat Show to mark the inauguration of the Venice Naval History Museum Guide

As part of the 2022 Venice Boat Show, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority will present the Ships Pavilion Virtual Tour Project during the gathering organised by Mare di Carta, to mark the launch of the “Venice Naval History Museum Guide” – Mare di Carta Editore, 2022.

The Ships Pavilion was made virtual as part of the European Remember Project. It allows visitors to discover the history of ship-building by taking a virtual tour through a place of key importance in Venetian maritime port culture: the Ships Pavilion of the Naval History Museum. The itinerary was created through an inter-institutional partnership and a strong  synergistic collaboration with the Navy, the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice and VeLa.

The virtual itinerary uses augmented reality to allow the user to rediscover the port as a resource which, over the centuries, has generated economic, cultural and artistic assets. They can access documents, images and artefacts that bear witness to this heritage, as well as archaeological finds and spaces that are not always available to the public or that cannot be seen in person at the time.

QR codes allow you to complete the 3D visit from a PC, tablet, smartphone or with 3D VR glasses, where the real and the virtual come together.

To make the virtual space truly interactive and allow the user to explore what they are looking at, 68 tags have been created for the itinerary. These feature descriptions and texts that go into more detail, as well as images, videos and links to web pages.

The immersive itinerary forms part of the organisation’s wider sustainability strategy. This not only involves devising tools and promotional and communication projects for traditional settings, but also finding innovative solutions that make it possible to visit facilities from a distance, opening Veneto’s ports up to everyone and encouraging alternative tourist itineraries that alleviate the pressure from tourism on the city.


Remember – which stands for “Restoring the Memory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime Culture to foster Balanced Territorial growth” – funded by the Italy-Croatia European Cooperation Programme, has been developed by the Ports of Venice and Chioggia, together with seven other coastal towns on both sides of the Adriatic (Ancona, Trieste, Ravenna, Rijeka, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split). These localities are seeking to enhance and promote the maritime-port cultural heritage using new technology and cutting-edge tools that aim to involve the different components of the land, as well as visitors.

The initiative forms part of the European Maritime Day framework and the #FestaEuVenezia2022, with involvement from the Europe Direct Office of the Municipality of Venice.