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The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority present at the Venice Boat Show

Given the success of the 2021 edition, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority will once again be attending the Venice Boat Show, which will be twice as big as previous years. For another year running, visitors will be able to “explore the past and present of Veneto’s ports” using new technology, as per the show’s tag line “the art of seafaring comes home”. Following the success of the 2021 edition, the art of seafaring will “come home” again from Sunday 28th May until 5th June for the third edition of the Boat Show (www.salonenautico.venezia.it), with twice as many participants as 2019.

The stand – created as part of the European REMEMBER Project – “REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth”, funded by the Italy-Croatia European Cooperation Programme – delves into three themes (the common thread being the two port cities’ special relationship with the sea) and allows you to explore the Ports of Venice and Chioggia from every angle.

One of the first fruits of the European REMEMBER project will be on show: the ADRIJO platform created by Venice, Ancona, Trieste, Ravenna, Rijeka, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Split to enhance and promote the maritime-port cultural heritage, with the aim of rediscovering and disseminating a common cultural identity, an identity which has come about through sharing.

Adrijo, a blend of the Italian word ADRIATICO and the Croatian word JADRANSKO, is a tale of a sea – the Adriatic – that unites two shores not only physically, but through the merging and cohabitation of peoples, nations, languages, cultures and knowledge. Adrijo is the name chosen by the REMEMBER project partners for the Cultural Network of Adriatic Ports, formed to protect and promote shared maritime cultural heritage.

On the ADRIJO platform, the Ports of Venice and Chioggia illustrate their relationship with the sea, where trade and industry have long lived in symbiosis with the Veneto port system. On the Adrijo platform, the visitor is guided by cultural, digital and virtual content, rediscovering some of the key spots in this thousand-year-old port system and exploring the ancient seafaring tradition of the port of Chioggia, the art of shipbuilding in the Arsenal, the development of the port system in the nineteenth century, and an overview of the dynamic present-day Marghera port.

Adrijo means you can embark on three VIRTUAL TOURS that take you on an immersive journey through the past. The visitor will be guided through the history of the art of seafaring and lagoon fishing by visiting three key places in Veneto’s port-maritime culture: the Ships Pavilion in the Naval History Museum, the Museum of the Southern Lagoon in Chioggia, and the Fishing in the Lagoon exhibition by the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice and the Giancarlo Ligabue Natural History Museum. The itinerary was created through an inter-institutional partnership and a strong  synergistic collaboration with the Navy, the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice and the Museum of the Southern Lagoon in Chioggia.

You will also see what the four ports of Venice and Chioggia have to offer (the two Innave ports in Marghera and Malcontenta, the Darsena Le Saline port in Chioggia and the Lio Grande port), including all the services offered to pleasure boaters and those who use boats professionally. This year, the Venice Yacht Pier will supplement the range of exclusive, highly efficient, varied and sustainably-driven services for yachts and super yachts in Venice’s historic centre.

That’s not to mention ve.PORTO, the only free web app for pleasure boaters and port users that integrates data from the various competent authorities presiding over the lagoon.
Created using European funds raised to equip ports with tools and digital technology that support environmental sustainability and port performance (GREEN C PORTS – Green and Connected Ports project, Connecting Europe Facility programme and, previously, the CHARGE project, an Italy-Croatia Interreg programme), the new tool created by the Sea Port Authority makes it possible for the nautical user to view their location, speed and route (in map form). It also updates data detected by 33 sea weather sensors located in the lagoon, integrates real-time AIS ship location information, incorporates the ARPA Veneto weather radar, and publishes real time regulations and warnings regarding the navigability of the port canals.

Launched during the Venice Boat Show 2021, the web app has since been accessed over 5000 times. It was created as part of a collaboration with the General Command of the Corps of the Port Captaincies, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, the Interregional Superintendency of the Public Works of Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Municipality of Venice – the Tide Forecasting and Reporting Centre, the Veneto Regional Environmental Prevention and Protection Agency, the Consorzio Venezia Nuova, the CNR – Institute of Marine Sciences, and the Corila Consortium for the coordination of research on the Venice lagoon system.