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At the Break Bulk Europe fair in Rotterdam, the Port of Chioggia won the contest for the best break bulk handling case history

The Break Bulk Europe trade fair which ended last night in Rotterdam saw 169 operators interact  with the touch screen placed on the front desk of the Veneto port system’s stand which presented the 4 most outstanding break bulk handling case histories of 2021, as well as data, history, maps, details of  the competitive advantages of the port terminals, and much more.

The most viewed contents were the 10-question quiz on the ports of Venice and Chioggia and the contest to select the best case history: 97 votes were cast with 2 contestants running neck and neck, namely case number 2 – a maxi-load of 2 plug&play boilers weighing 400 tonnes each produced by Macchi and bound for Saudi Arabia handled in ro-ro mode from quay to ship by Multi Service – and case number 4 concerning 13 extra-large special components handled at the Port of Chioggia by the Sorima terminal.

The winner determined by the international break bulk community in Rotterdam was… the Port of Chioggia!

A goodbye from the Veneto port system: see you at the next edition of Break Bulk Europe!