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“Su e Zo per il Porto” (“Up and Down the Port”)

The Port Authority consolidates its partnership with the solidarity walk “Su e zo per i ponti” (“Up and Down the Bridges of Venice”) organized by TGS Eurogroup.

The 44th edition of the “Up and Down the Bridges of Venice” walk on Sunday 14 April 2024 marks the twenty-fourth consecutive year of successful collaboration between TGS Eurogroup, the social promotion association that has been organizing the event since its launch, and the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, which, once again, will open its doors to the event. The waterfront from Santa Marta to San Basilio, a roughly 1 km long stretch of route parallel to the Giudecca Canal, will become the “Su e Zo per il Porto” (“Up and Down the Port”) area, which will serve as a focal point for the entire event, second only to St. Mark’s Square.

The “Short Route” of the walk, designed particularly for kindergartens and primary schools, will start in Santa Marta, which will also host refreshment and entertainment facilities where participants can enjoy live performances by folklore groups while waiting for the walk to start. The involvement of the university campuses along the waterfront, as well as nearby bars and cafes, will further enrich the experience of crossing the port area. Finally, the San Basilio area will serve as a junction between the “Main Route” and the “Short Route”.

Speaking earlier today at the press conference that introduced the event, Federica Bosello, Head of Promotion, Communication and Institutional Relations of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority stated: “The Santa Marta and San Basilio port waterfront is delighted to once again welcome the historic walk, hosting the starting line for the short route, the refreshment area and entertainment spaces for participants. It will be a privilege for the Port Authority and its employees to welcome school groups and families. Bringing the waterfront to life is an important goal for the Port Authority, as we aim to strengthen interactions between the city and the port, while promoting port culture among younger generations. We wish to extend our gratitude to all institutions and port stakeholders collaborating with the Port Authority to ensure the success of the event, including the Harbour Master’s Office, Guardia di Finanza, Border Police, Customs Agency, Venice Passenger Terminal, Venice Yacht Pier and APV Investimenti, all committed to ensuring participants can enjoy a safe and pleasant walk through the waterfront”.

Participants in the walk will start simultaneously from St. Mark’s Square for the main route and from the Port of Venice for the short route between 9.30 a.m. and 10.30 a.m., according to the time slot they chose during registration. Pre-registrations for the ‘Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia’ continue until Monday 1 April 2024 (for groups of 50 or more members) and Sunday 7 April 2024 (individual registrations) at a cost of € 8.50 on  the www.suezo.it website  and at points of sale in the area. On the day of the event it will still be possible to register at a cost of € 9.50, subject to availability. For more information, visit the www.suezo.it website  or send an email to info@suezoperiponti.it.