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Commissioner for cruises in Venice announces publication of tenders for North Canal – North Side quayside and cruise terminal and the dredging of the Malamocco-Marghera canal

Keeping their pledge for the sustainable development of the Veneto port system, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority and Italy’s Special Commissioner for Cruises in Venice have announced the publication of two calls for tender on the Cruise Commissioner’s website. Both calls aim to expand the regional cruise system in compliance with Italy’s Law Decree DL 103: the first call focuses on improving the nautical accessibility of the Malamocco-Marghera Canal as outlined in the international research project “Channeling The Green Deal For Venice“; the second call concerns the construction of quaysides and a cruise terminal in the North Canal-North Side.

The Malamocco-Marghera canal needs dredging and to that end an open procedure has been initiated to select firms in charge of drafting the technical-economic feasibility plan and the environmental impact study for the entire project, which includes surveys and investigations. In stage 1, selected providers will be tasked with preparing the final/executive design, overseeing the works, and coordinating safety measures throughout the design and execution phases of the project.  The contract  to be awarded by the end of April is worth €5.489 million. This includes over €2.061 million for preparing the technical-economic feasibility plan (PFTE) and the environmental impact study required by law and approximately €3.427 million for additional services linked to stage 1 of the project.

With reference to the development of a new system of distributed moorings, the Commissioner has given the green light to the construction of two berths and a New Cruise Terminal in the area of the North Industrial Canal – North Side in Porto Marghera. After completion and approval of the technical-economic feasibility plan and the start of the expropriation procedure, the Commissioner for Cruises in Venice has now initiated an open procedure for the assignment of the final/executive design, the environmental impact study, safety coordination and works supervision for the construction of two berths, along with their rear yards, and a passenger terminal covering an area of about 50 thousand square meters. Services described in the call to tender are worth over 7.8 million euros. The plans will undergo an environmental impact assessment before being used as the foundation for the works tender, so that the new berths can be ready for the 2027 cruise season.

“These are long-awaited calls for tender and their outcomes will significantly enhance port operations, employment and the competitiveness of our entire system,” stated Commissioner Fulvio Lino Di Blasio. In the immediate future they will also enable the Commissioner to continue its activities according to the established timetable. These tenders and the preparatory studies behind them prove our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability as we are determined to protect and safeguard the Lagoon.”