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The Venice Night Trail starts from the port again!

Once again the port waterfront is strategic for the “CMP Venice Night Trail”, a meanwhile well-established sporting event in its sixth edition very appreciated by the over 5000 athletes who take part every year.

After the success of the new format experimented last year, on Saturday 9 April the race will start from the Marittima basin areas, then head towards the calli of the historic centre and finish again at Marittima, after crossing the port waterfront at San Basilio and Santa Marta, thus offering runners the opportunity to discover the areas between the port and the city.
Committed to making the event successful, the institutions operating in the port area are working pro-actively to provide technical and logistical support, opening up areas for the run and ensuring safety.

At the press conference for the presentation of the initiative held on Tuesday 5 April 2022,  AdSPMAS President Fulvio Lino Di Blasio said: “Bringing the Marittima, Santa Marta and San Basilio waterfront to life is one of the Port Authority’s goals as we are increasingly determined to enhance this strategic place of interaction between the city and the port that is unique in the world: we have hosted numerous initiatives over time and the “Venice Night Trail” is a great opportunity to experience how sport (running) can unite various parts of the city – even with a bit of magic. The Port Authority’s task is to encourage that type of integration acting in two domains: on the one hand, we are determined to maintain and strengthen the fruitful cooperation with the municipal administration and all the other city institutions; on the other hand, we must look after  infrastructures and assets of the port state property in the areas that are strongly connected with the city, so as to enhance their landscape and functional performance. This year, among other things, the runners will be crossing the S. Marta – S. Basilio area where new public lighting was installed on Monday 21 March 2022. Interventions are also planned to redesign the former washing station and the San Nicolò and Molin bridges, for which the Port Authority is accountable.”