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The Ports of Venice and Chioggia at “Breakbulk Europe 2022”

Veneto’s ports are in Rotterdam to represent businesses of the entire supply chain and speak of four record-breaking case histories.

After a two-year forced hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, from 17 to 19 May the Ports of Venice and Chioggia are attending the Break Bulk Europe  trade fair in Rotterdam, one of the most important international events for the breakbulk industry. In addition to promoting the North Adriatic Sea Port System, this is a great opportunity for the Port Authority to team up with its operators and create business opportunities together.

The Veneto ports  boast a large delegation in Rotterdam, with members representing businesses of the entire sector. Over the past year, Venice and Chioggia have witnessed a recovery in breakbulk volumes back to 2019 levels, which confirms Veneto ports’  leading role in Europe: they  serve all shipping companies that transport breakbulk  providing both scheduled and non-scheduled services. During the fair, visitors to the stand (to be found in the centre of the Main Pavilion – Hall 2, D51) will learn about four inspiring case histories from the breakbulk sector of Venice and Chioggia and will have the opportunity to vote for the one they prefer by using a touch screen. The contest to select the best case history continues online under the following link: https://art-of-breakbulk.imago.si/, which also gives access to  further content and in-depth information about breakbulk handling in the ports of Venice and Chioggia).

The four case histories:

Outstanding team for very special cargo logistics
April 2021
Outstanding team for outstanding logistic performance in order to transport a special Ansaldo Energia gas turbine (weigh 334 tons – length 10.9 metres – width 5.3 metres – height 5 metres) and its stator (weigh 300 tons – length 9.8 metres – width 4.3 metres -height 4.7 metres), which had to reach a thermoelectric plant near Milan, crossing the Po Valley.
The two machines, arriving from Genoa by ship, were unloaded directly onto barge at the Multi Service Terminal (FHPgroup ) operating in Marghera, in order to reach the river port of Cremona along the inland waterway system: from there, thanks to a hydraulic lifter, the cargo was positioned on “16 axis Smpt” transporters to reach Milan by road for the final installation.
The entire operation, with rather complex logistics, was managed by Fagioli Spa, able to overcome many difficulties considering the dimension of the convoy which was nearly 85 metres long.

Maxi-ro-ro loading from dock to ship
July 2021
2 giant plug&play boilers loaded onto the ship with roll on roll off mode
Two maxi boilers produced by Macchi (an Italian leading Company active in the supply of industrial and heat recovery steam generators boilers) in Marghera assembly yard, the Venice cargo port, were loaded from the docks to a ship deck carrier, with destination Saudi Arabia, thanks to Spmt transporters managed by Fagioli Spa. The consolidated know-how of the lagoon hub – and in particular of the Multi Service Terminal (FHP Group) – was required not only by the weight of the boilers, equal to 400 tons each, but also by the size of the cargo: 20.75 metres x 12.7 x 12.45. The shipment was managed by Mammoet, with headquarters in Holland and a consolidated presence in Italy.

Tailor made solutions for very special cargo
March 2022
2 super creanes especially installed to handle a giant reactor
In Marghera – the cargo Port of Venice – there are terminal operators ready to adopt any kind of solutions to handle safely any kind of very special cargo!
To handle a giant reactor – weighting nearly 600 tons and more than 35 metres long – two huge cranes were promptly installed on the docks of Multi Service Terminal (FHP Group): the “colossus” was successfully loaded on the general cargo ship “Morning Tide”, destined to the Persian Gulf. The delicate operation was co-ordinated by Mammoet Italy Srl, assisted locally by Agenzia Minucci Srl, together with the terminal operator and the shipping agency G. Radonicich & C.

Unloading of a necklace of 13 extra-large pearls
September 2021 – 13 extra-large highly engineered components easily handled
Sorima terminal (FHP Goup), operating at the Port of Chioggia, took care of a particular unloading the last September:  the general cargo ship “Kledes Mary”, coming from Tunisia, transported something like 13 extra-large highly engineered components, produced by GCER-Génie du composite Etude et Réalisation and destined to the industrial districts of the North of Italy. Condenser, cooler, steem separator and a series of connecting pipes – all part of the same order – were loaded onto to two river barges destined to the inland Port of Mantua, thanks to the sea-river intermodality offered by the Port of Chioggia. The entire operation was coordinated by Columbia as forwarding and shipping agency.

I porti di Venezia e Chioggia a Breakbulk Europe