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The first two electric cars in service for the ports of Venice and Chioggia

The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority has started the renewal of its fleet of vehicles with an increasingly zero environmental impact. Thanks to the European project “SUSPORT” within the cross-border cooperation Programme Interreg Italy-Croatia, two cutting-edge fully electric cars were purchased in total respect of the environment. They came into operation to support the operational and institutional activities of the Authority.
Two brand new cars are available now to support the operational and institutional activities of the ports of Venice and Chioggia, 100 percent electric with zero emissions, from the point of view of environmental pollution.

The two cars “Nissan Leaf” were purchased by the Venetian Port Authority thanks to “SUSPORT” (Sustainable Ports), the European cross-border cooperation project within the Progamme Interreg Italy-Croatia, to which the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority participates as a partner, with the aim of carrying out concrete actions that improve environmental sustainability and energy saving in the port area. In this context, the purchase of fully electric cars that will be available to the employees of the Authority starts the gradual renewal of the vehicle fleet, allowing already significant savings in terms of CO2 and pollutants released into the air.

In this way the ports of Venice and Chioggia mark a turning point in a new way of designing mobility, as the actions taken follow the provisions of the Energy and Environmental Planning Document approved by the Authority. Therefore, we turned words into actions despite the contingent difficulties at the historical moment of pandemic that we are all experiencing.

The “SUSPORT” project has a total budget of over half a million euros (572.000,00 Euro) and in addition to the purchase of these two electric cars, it also includes the installation of the lighting system with LED headlights in the areas of S. Andrea and S. Basilio, an intervention that, alone, allows to avoid emissions into the atmosphere of about 125 tons of CO2 every year.

It should also be underlined that well one-third of the European projects in which the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is involved are strongly geared towards a sustainable development of the Venetian ports.