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Sea and sky of peace

Presented at the beginning of December at the Foreign Press Office in Rome, the project “Sea and Sky of Peace” set sail right away for the first leg of its journey: Nadia De Lazzari reached Istanbul to visit three schools involved in the project, namely the public primary school Lütfi Banat, the Italian school ITA Okullari, and the Salesian institute Özel Evrim Okulları.
The pupils were invited to draw something in one of the four sections of a drawing sheet specially designed for the project. The remaining three sections will be completed by their peers from the schools of Venice, Beirut and Messini/Petalidi in Greece.
The visit to Istanbul propelled an intercultural dialogue between students, teachers and families whose aim is to build bridges of peace between the countries involved drawing on  children’s creativity and enthusiasm.
From January to March the sheets with the partial drawing will continue their journey in the Venetian schools, then visit Lebanon and finally Greece.
The first part of the project will end in May in Istanbul, back to the place where it started, with an exhibition of the children’s drawings at the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art.