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Presentation of the New Deal for the Development of the Veneto Logistic System in Munich

In the framework of the International Fair Transport & Logistics held in Munich, on May 11th at 11:00 AM, at the Interporto di Verona- Consorzio ZAI Quadrante Europa booth (B3.119), the Veneto Region nodes present the new deal for the promotion and development of the Regional Logistics System, signed on October 2022.

The President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio gives a speech on behalf of the logistics hubs, introducing the network to an international audience for the first time. He highlights the network, the commitment, the goals, the areas of collaboration and the actions already implemented.

The opening remarks are delivered by Matteo Gasparato, the President of the Consorzio Zai – Interporto di Verona Quadrante Europa. Following that, Marco Bergamaschi, Cargo Manager of the Save Group, presents a dedicated focus on the development of passenger mobility through the implementation of “flying and cruise”, an initiative aimed at improving connections between the airport and the port of Venice and Chioggia.

Europlatform, the European Association of Interports, represented by President Isabel Velasco, and the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, with Secretary-General Alessandro Marino, provide an international perspective and focus on the relationship between Bavaria and Northeast Italy.
The meeting is concluded with Andrea Menin, Logistics and Navigation Director of Veneto Region, emphasizing the importance of a shared vision for planning the regional infrastructure necessary for economic development and the protection of the territory’s heritage. This is crucial to keeping the Veneto Region at the heart of strategic international infrastructure and commercial networks.
The presentation marks the first concrete milestone in sharing the progress of Veneto Region’s logistic offering with international markets.