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North Adriatic Sea Port Authority joins the Network of Excellence of the “DOCKS OF THE FUTURE” initiative

NASPA has joined the “Network of Excellence” born at the conclusion of the DocksTheFuture-DTF initiative, an European coordination project within the Horizon 2020 program aimed at outlining the characteristics and policies of the “Ports of the Future”, defined as those that “generate value for their stakeholders and minimize the social impacts of their services, as well as comply with the regulations”. The network offers the opportunity to exchange best practices and share project ideas on efficiency and sustainability in order to be able to benefit from the opportunities offered by funding programs linked to the European Green Deal.

The fact that the areas of debate in the network are brought back to the guidelines for the sustainability of ports defined by the World Port Sustainability Program of the International Association Ports and Harbour, already taken as a reference by NASPA in the drafting of the Three-Year Operational Plan 2022-2024, as well as that highlighting the uniformity of approach to the contribution of ports to the 2030 Agenda,  is a positive premise for a fruitful process of dialogue and comparison. Considering the priority assigned at international level to strengthen the relationship with local communities for the development of ports in harmony with their territorial context, the International Association Villes et Ports is also part of the network, which for over thirty years studies the relationship between ports and cities and of which NASPA is a member of the Board.

In addition to the Italian ports of Trieste, Taranto and Civitavecchia, also Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Malta Freeport, Gijon, Ystad, Leixoes, Irish Ports, Aveiro, Bar, Bulgarian ports and the Maritime Transport Authority Georgia have joined the network.