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Joint Committee for equal opportunities, enhancement of employees’ well-being and against discrimination

18 January 2024 saw the first meeting of the Single Guarantee Committee (Comitato Unico di Garanzia – CUG ) for equal opportunities, the enhancement of workers’ well-being and against discrimination of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority. The Committee will have important duties, including:

  • making proposals, expressing opinions and making assessments;
  • improving work efficiency while respecting equal opportunities and organizational well-being in the workplace also through a suitable work/life balance;
  • promoting an organizational culture that shows respect for the dignity of the individual in the workplace, appreciates differences and fights against any form of discrimination and violence;
  • encouraging a diversification of career choices;
  • overcoming forms of work distribution based on gender and/or disability;
  • promoting the right balance between family and professional responsibilities.

At the end of the first meeting, the members of the newly established CUG expressed satisfaction with the outcome of discussions and the initiatives planned for the upcoming weeks.

Members of the CUG

Simonetta Campanale

Administration Representatives:
Lorenzo Mayer, Fabio Spirio, Mara Pitaccolo

Trade union representatives:
Laura Antonìa Bantourakis, Giorgia Costantini, Jacopo Esposito, Federico Zubiolo, Paola Pisati, Tanja Scroccaro