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Green ports

21.7 million euros from MiTE 21.7 to AdSPAMS for nine projects of energy efficiency and production of energy from renewable sources

Under the Green Ports programme, connected to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MiTE), the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority has been awarded 21.7 million euros in funding to implement nine projects related to energy efficiency and the production of energy from renewable sources in the harbour ports of Venice and Chioggia.

The project proposals, presented by the Authority of Veneto and by the terminal operators involved, each for its own competence in response to the call for proposals under the Green Ports programme of MITE which has the purpose of reducing the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants connected to the combustion of fossils in the ports and in the port cities, must be implemented by 2025.

In detail, the Ports of Venice and Chioggia saw themselves awarded 11.6 million euros to realise photovoltaic systems at the PSA Venice-Vecon Terminal, Terminal Rinfuse Venezia SPA and the Venice Passenger Terminal, for the electrification of the Veneto and Sali docks of the Multiservice Terminal at Porto Marghera and for the installation of eight electricity supply columns for passenger cars. This amount is joined by the resources recognised for investments dedicated to the development of hydrogen for a total of 10.1 million euros to realise a small production plant and related refuelling station, to purchase two hydrogen-powered locotractors and a hydrogen-powered watercraft and finally to create a fuel cell electricity production point in Venice Newport Container & Logistics S.p.A.

“We are satisfied of the result achieved – comments the President of ADSPMAS, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio – the value of the project proposals presented by the Venetian ports has been recognised. They are significant resources which I am sure we will be able to invest in the best possible way but, above all, a great opportunity for the logistical and intermodal development of our ports and to continue implementing the green transition under the European Green Deal”.