NASPA has established a permanent monitoring network for noise control and management in port areas, which has been active in Venice since May 2021.

Initially, this network consisted of three fixed stations (Class I sound level meters), one of which was equipped with a weather data collection unit. This initiative was implemented as a pilot action of the European Clean Berth Project.

Through collaboration with the University of Padua – Department of Industrial Engineering, under the “Framework Agreement for the Strategic Management and Environmental Noise Control of the Port Area and the Preparation of Acoustic Mapping of the Port Area” signed on April 9, 2020, NASPA is implementing the enhancement and optimization of the monitoring network, as envisaged in the Triennial Operational Plan for 2022-2024.

The objective is to install four fixed stations, each equipped with weather data collection, in each of the four macro-areas of Venice, Marghera, Fusina, and Chioggia. Additionally, mobile support units will be deployed to carry out short-term measurements for characterizing the acoustic profile of ships during mooring and transit. The ultimate goal is to create an acoustic mapping of the port areas.

Furthermore, the network will be integrated with air quality monitoring by measuring key parameters related to atmospheric emissions. These monitoring stations will supplement the existing fixed station in Fusina, which has been active for several years, and its data will be available on the ARPAV website.