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Launch of the new INTERREG ITALIA CROATIA 2021-2027 programmed activities.

INTESA, an initiative on nautical accessibility leaded by NASPA, was chosen by the Interreg Italy Croatia program as one of the 7 best initiatives carried out overall during 2014-2020.

On the occasion of the kick off of the new programming period, the Managing Authority of the Program (hosted by the Veneto Region) celebrated the initiatives of excellence of the programming which ended in June, and which allowed the Adriatic ports to equip themselves with the most modern hardware and software technologies to optimize the port procedures of the ship cycle and of entry and exit from the port, even in adverse weather conditions, safeguarding the safety requirements and laying the foundations for the integration of management and transmission of information on maritime safety in Adriatic.

To achieve these targets, the Italian and Croatian National Maritime Authorities and the main Port Authorities of the Adriatic (Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Ancona, Bari, Rijeka, Ploce and Spalato) have cooperated for over 3 years, aiming at the optimization of procedures and the safety and effectiveness of maritime transport, implementing highly technological equipment such as, for example, digital tide gauge, virtual buoys, navigation aid units.

During the 2 days event the spotlight was also on the REMEMBER initiative (Restoring the Memory of Adriatic Ports sites. Maritime culture to foster balanced territorial growth), which sees NASPA among the project partners, and that leaded to the realization of an innovative application such as “the Virtual Museum of the Ports of Venice and Chioggia”. Among the main objectives, the aim is to foster a wider knowledge of the 2 port cities and promote sustainable options to tourist routes.