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Made in Italy excellences depart from the Port of Venice: the JUMBO JUBILEE takes on board 2 giant reactors of the Italian ATB GROUP

Venice – The JUMBO JUBILEE, is ready to leave to Algeciras / Spain: the flagship is part of the JUMBO fleet, as the well-known heavy lift shipping company.

Equipped with 2 cranes with a total capacity of 1.800 tons, the JUBILEE carries 2 giant reactors of 1400 tons each and three other smaller ones produced by ATB Group, as an international company located in the North of Italy (Brescia), boasting  a long tradition in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment in the energy sector. For over 60 years ATB Group chose to have its own headquarter in the Port of Venice, as a strategic hub for its distance of just 400 meters from the quays and therefore particularly suitable for the production, finalization and handling of project cargo.

The reactors are two LC Finings, requiring very particular and delicate assembly sequences; moreover their “interior layout” required an ad hoc study and specific mechanical processes.
The handling of the two over-size reactors was also delicate: land transfer and boarding procedures were followed by Campostano Anchor and the 60 meters long convoy was moved thanks to special SPMTs – self propelled modular transporters –  of ATB Group, and of well-known excellences, such as Fagioli Spa and Semat, to reach the wharfs of Multi Service terminal, which guarantees direct customs access to ATB Group for the entry of these extra-large cargoes, as not to interfere with the ordinary traffic – “regular” access would not be suitable.

Multi Service is highly specialized in this sector and provides dedicated wharfs with a suitable capacity per square meters allowing special cargoes to approach the vessels, besides supplying land-side/on board stowage units and new generation cranes for loading all the components connected to the project cargo accessories.

Venice is thus confirmed as a strategic hub for project cargo logistics destined to the main world markets; indeed in the recent years the number of companies that chose to move their production quarters near the quays of the Port of Venice increased.

Photo-gallery: https://www.port.venice.it/it/la-jumbo-jubilee-salpa-dal-porto-di-venezia-con-due-mega-reattori.html