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The North Adriatic Ports Association (NAPA) meet in Ravenna

To present a common action plan to the EU coordinator of the Baltic – Adriatic Corridor

The North Adriatic Ports gathered in the NAPA (North Adriatic Ports Association) overall handling more than 2.8 million TEUS just met in Ravenna (Italy) the European Coordinator of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, Mrs. Anne Jensen, to present future development plans of the Association, mainly focused on connectivity, smart and green ports.

On the occasion of the European Maritime Days taking place today in Ravenna, the Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone, the Port of Ravenna, the Slovenian Port of Koper and the Croatian Port of Rijeka coordinated by the Ports of Venice and Chioggia – actually holding the presidency of the NAPA for the whole of 2022 – re-confirmed the common willingness to continue and relaunch mutual commitment along the route of international cooperation, besides re-launching the strategy for strengthening the competitiveness of the NAPA port system through common initiatives and investments, in line with the global change impacting all “port eco-systems”.

During the meeting, the NAPA gained the endorsement of the European Coordinator of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor on the action plan, and the opportunity to implement common transnational projects dealing with environmental sustainability and ecological transition, energy policy, innovation and digitalization, intermodality and multimodality, training and research and to consolidate other ongoing initiatives in the logistic and infrastructural field.

“It is a pleasure to see that the NAPA ports have resumed their activity” said Anne Jensen. “As far as I am concerned, the TEN-T Corridor Implementation Policy can significantly benefit from the cooperation between the North Adriatic ports. The greater sustainability of our European transport system requires hubs that are increasingly interconnected both at a physical and digital level and in this framework I believe the support of NAPA is positive”.

In Ravenna NAPA Ports also celebrated the “International Day for Women in Maritime 2022”, recalling the important contribution of women to this field, the need to reduce the gender gap and effectively guarantee gender equality in the port and logistic sector.

Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, as the President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority and NAPA underlined: “The North Adriatic Sea is one of the main trading area in Europe and we intend to get increasingly competitive through this transnational cooperation. To achieve the goals identified by the Joint Declaration that we signed last December, we have identified a plan of actions and joint initiatives of transnational scopes on the issues of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, digitalization of logistic procedures, infrastructural and multimodal development as well as the strengthening of research activities related to these areas that have been positively welcomed by the European Coordinator of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, Anne Jensen. This endorsement allows all of our hubs us to continue strongly along this route to relaunch our port ecosystems in this historical moment, so complex and continuously changing”.