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Press conference for the inauguration of the President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (AdSP MAS), Fulvio Lino Di Blasio

This morning Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, held a press conference for his inauguration following  the decree of appointment signed on 28 May by Enrico Giovannini, Italy’s Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.

Also taking part were Cinzia Zincone, former Port Authority Commissioner, who after greeting and thanking everyone in the organisation, welcomed the new president and wished him well in his post, and Piero Pellizzari, Port Commander (CP).
After briefly outlining his professional experience, President Di Blasio illustrated the current situation of the ports of Venice and Chioggia focusing on market trends and the main dynamics in the shipping industry.

“The post pandemic situation has inevitably changed our economic figures” declared the President “and the Port Authority must be able to interpret the current situation and become the driving force of change to promote more sustainable solutions  and relaunch the economy”.
“To do so – Di Blasio went on – “the AdSP will dialogue with institutions, the regional and municipal authorities, the Harbour master’s office  and other bodies having to do with the port, and with the entire logistic and port ecosystem that operates in a unique, very special setting like that of the Lagoon”.

“Because the Authority is a public, non-economic body that represents the State in the territory” continued the President, “it is our duty to work together with the institutional, economic and civil society players, each in their fields of competence, to build effective, constructive collaboration based on knowledge and skills, and achieve common interests.  We should fully implement the Port reform law and review the organisation of Veneto ports of call, aiming for concentration of services and consequent economies of scale, focussing on keywords such as energy and digital transition, sustainability and technological innovation, with the objective of attracting and stimulating more private investment”.

The President pointed out the need to respond to the market and operators who seek answers and certainty. “Economic activities linked to the Port Authority need an interlocutor that is aware of the necessity to re-connect with the production and logistics system and can focus decisions accordingly, knowing that a key production chain for developing the territory and the economy depends on them”.

“The ports of Venice and Chioggia – concluded Di Blasio – must be accessible in every way: this means we will have to work on many open dossiers, identifying short and medium term objectives, working with dedication to close the existing gaps and be protagonists of a new season of revitalisation and growth”.