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Port and port-related areas of Chioggia

Town council approves preliminary agreement to the system strategic planning document bewteen Port Authority and Municipality

An agreement between the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority and the Municipality of Chioggia to lay the foundations for a harmonious and coordinated development between the needs of the port and the requests of citizens in Chioggia has been discussed and approved.

It is an important sign of positive and renewed cooperation between the two Administrations.
The starting point is the Port Regulatory Plan (Piano Gottardo) dating back to 1981 which delimits the port areas – so-called Port Sector – no longer in line with current needs: consequently, it has become necessary to update the Plan to allow its redeployment also to serve the town.

The approved agreement lays the foundations for defining the System Strategic Planning Document, prodromal to the new Port Regulatory Plan and, within the Port Sector of Chioggia, it identifies the perimeter of the port and port-related areas of exclusive competence of the port and the “areas of port-town interaction” inside them whose planning competence will rest with the Municipality.

The latter include the area of the former cement factory ai Saloni, some areas already used for residential purposes and car parks for the town and a continuous strip in Val da Rio to the right of Via Maestri del lavoro. Functions and services connected to the town can be developed in such areas. In particular, the recovery of the area of the former cement factory, abandoned for years, will be an opportunity to requalify the residential area and tourist offer also in relation to cruises.

Notwithstanding the prerogatives of North Adriatic Sea Port Authority for the economic development of the port, defined by the law, the agreement meets the pressing requirements of the town, manifested by the mayor, in relation to the issue of car parks destined to the town, also in view of the application of the LTZ. Therefore, pending a structural solution, in the town, the North Adriatic Sea Port AUthority will temporarily grant some port areas currently not in operation, for a period equal to one year extendable to two.

The agreement also provides for the regularisation of the concession of Via Guido Lionello, including the car park already in use in the town, and of Via Maestri del Lavoro, to the Municipality by North Adriatic Sea Port Authority.

In the areas of competence of the port, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority provides for the definition of docks dedicated to the cruise business, to yachting and shipbuilding ai Saloni, docks dedicated to logistics and shipbuilding in Val da Rio. It will also explore the theme of moving the fishing hub with the goal of assessing viable alternative destinations (Aleghero and Val da Rio) to the current location. This last theme, though competence of AdSPMAS, will be shared with the town administration.

“On behalf of the town of Chioggia, I thank the President of the Port Authority Di Blasio for the collaboration and sensitivity shown during the preliminary phases of the agreement which we will sign in coming days”. – declares Mauro Armelao, Mayor of Chioggia – “With this agreement we have given a response to the needs of the town of Chioggia, in particular on the theme of car parks, development of shipbuilding and yachting. We have given certainty to many businesspeople for the area of the former cement factory, for the area of Val da Rio canale Lombardo external and for the area of Via Maestri del lavoro which, in this way, becomes all port-city interaction. As regards the LPG plant, I want to reassure you that I am working and will work for its immediate dismantling regardless of the positioning of the fishing hub which, in any case, was foreseen at the Island dei Saloni in the preceding agreement. As regards the repositioning of the fishing market, I underline that, as mayor, I have suggested that the port Authority assess the two options, Aleghero and Punta Colombi, knowing from now that the final decision will rest with the AdSP. The goal which this administration had given itself through this forward-looking document was to give answers to the town and to local businesses and we are sure of having achieved this.”