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Inauguration of the management committee

Antonella Scardino was appointed secretary general

The Management Committee of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority took office during today’s board meeting. Presided over by the President of the AdSP MAS Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, the Committee also includes Piero Pellizzari, Head of the Veneto Maritime Directorate- Venice harbour master’s office, Dario Riccobene, Commander of the Port of Chioggia – Chioggia harbour master’s office, Giuseppe Roberto Chiaia, representing the Metropolitan City of Venice and Maria Rosaria Anna Campitelli, representing the Veneto Region.

As foreseen in the agenda, ADSP MAS’s steering body set up the new Management Committee, which resolved on the appointment of its Secretary General and unanimously voted in favour of the President’s proposal to have Antonella Scardino as the new head of ADSP MAS’s technical and operational secretariat.

An expert in complex projects in the public and private sectors, Antonella Scardino, who is forty years old, holds a degree in management engineering and boasts over 15 years of proven professional experience in the sectors governed by Italian law 84/94 (port legislation) as well as in administrative and accounting matters. The new Secretary General will succeed to Martino Conticelli, currently serving as acting Secretary General.

After thanking Martino Conticelli for his commitment, professionalism, competence and precious support in this delicate phase, President Fulvio Lino Di Blasio stated: “On behalf of all the members of the Management Committee, I would like to wish Antonella Scardino every success in her new position. Considering her areas of expertise – which include port and railway logistics, energy & utilities, economic special zones, processes of digitalisation and budgeting of the Public Administration – and her proven professional experience, I am certain that during her mandate she will make an important contribution to the good and efficient administration of the Body; she will enhance and develop all the functions of the AdSP and of the port system as a whole, thus contributing to giving new impetus and bringing innovation to the operations of the ports of Venice and Chioggia”.

At the end of the session, President Di Blasio illustrated to the members of the Committee the methodology that the Body will adopt for drafting the 2022/2024 Three-Year Operational Plan: it will contain a vision statement for the port system of the future and will look at a growth strategy for the Veneto ports taking into account their logistical connection to the local and domestic production and manufacturing fabric and their links to the international market. During the preparation of the Plan a number of institutions and stakeholders will be consulted at different stages, which the President described. He then announced that the next meeting of the Management Committee will be held on 24 September, thus making the Body fully operational from an administrative point of view.

Antonella Scardino

After graduating in management engineering, Antonella Scardino began her career at Capgemini SpA. In 2007 she moved on to EY Advisory SpA, one of the largest service companies in the world and a leader in providing consulting services to public and private organizations. During her time at EY, Scardino worked in project areas that coincide with the main strategic challenges that the AdSP MAS will have to face in the next 4 years. In recent years she was the head of EY’s infrastructure department and managed Infrastructure and Transport projects also serving as EY’s contact person for the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility and the Port System Authorities. She developed and coordinated projects for public and private clients (European Commission, Presidency of Italy’s Council of Ministers, Port Authorities, Ferrovie dello Stato Group (Italy’s State Railways), Energy & utilities companies, just to name a few) in a variety of sectors, including: ports, logistics, rail transport, intermodality, port work, Special Economic Zones, local public transport, energy and environment. In all these areas she carried out projects related to strategic and operational development, digital transformation, real estate, business organisation and restructuring, procurement and optimisation of processes connected to the entire life cycle of relevant business models.