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Cruise 2030 call for action

On October 18th, representatives of some of the main European cruise ports will meet in Venice to discuss the economic and environmental impact of the cruise industry. The goal is to draw-up guidelines that will lead to a new and more sustainable approach and policy to cruise tourism.

The meeting, called “Cruise 2030: Call for Action”, will be held in the premises of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, whose president, Pino Musolino, had invited his colleagues last July to assess the situation and start working together on a programme to contribute to innovate the sector.

Delegates of the ports of Amsterdam, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Bergen, Cannes, Dubrovnik, Malaga and Marseille Fos will be in Venice next Friday. Olaf Merk, Administrator Ports and Shipping, International Transport Forum (ITF) at OECD, will join the meeting.

“I am honoured to host, in Venice, the first meeting of this working group consisting of representatives of European cruising ports, and by the response received by my letter of last July” president Pino Musolino says. “We aim not only to preserve but also to guarantee a future to the cruise industry, a sector that has a significant impact both in occupational and economic terms. To do so it is necessary to combine the preservation of our cities, the environment, the quality of life and the global management of resources and local areas. We will thus share our experiences so that we can formulate concrete proposals that we mean to submit to European and national Institutions as to define a new and more sustainable approach to the cruise sector, bold enough to even envisage the creation in the medium term of a more compatible fleet that we could call a new ‘Europe Class’”.