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All the Ports of NAPA are in this moment fully operational and active

To whom it may concern, in these tragic times, there are “jackals” that are trying to harm, even more than what has the virus already done, the reputation and the capacity to operate of our ports.

It is with much regret that I have been informed that some operators, particularly hauliers and transport companies, are spreading the rumour that some of our Ports not be operational as from the 26th of March.

On the contrary, and with the utmost spirit of sacrifice and great skills, every one of NAPA ports is fully operational and open. In fact, ships are loading and unloading, also in this precise moment. Thanks to the prompt action of our Port Authorities and other public Bodies involved, the whole port and logistic system is operating, to grant a complete supply chain to support the efforts of our Public Health operators and to preserve the quality of life of the citizens of our communities.

We will always operate in accordance to the Laws and regulations that our Governments are issuing and strive to protect our workers and operators but we will never fall short before our duties as port managers.

It is therefore necessary to state once again that all the Ports of NAPA are in this moment fully operational and active”