The Venice Free Zone is one of the only two Italian free zones recognized by the European Union. The VFZ is a new significant competitive asset at disposal of the port customers.

Today, when Italy's (and particularly North Eastern Italy's) economy is heavily unbalanced towards trades with non-EU destinations and origins, the existing special customs regime in free zones can play an essential role in favouring trades with the Southern shore of the Mediterranean sea, from Morocco to Turkey, and with countries beyond Suez and Gibraltar.

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The goods coming from foreign countries may remain inside the Venice Free Zone without time limits (they may even be used here), keeping their foreign status and as a consequence not paying duty until their exit.

In the Venice Free Zone, stored foreign goods may be processed (for example: sampled, reassembled, labelled etc.) without any need for the provision of a guarantee.

In the case of goods introduced into the VFZ, whether they are EU or non-EU goods that will be exported to non-EU countries, bank guarantees are not requested on the duties owed for their entire stay.

Since the entire VFZ is under the direct supervision of Customs Agency, controls and bureaucratic procedures are streamlined.

In the case of domestic or EU goods going abroad, the export ends with their entrance into the VFZ – notwithstanding the actual loading date of the goods on a ship for export outside the EU.

Inside the VFZ it is possible to combine shipments of goods coming from different origins and at different times, but meant for combined export, simplifying export documents. On top of that, there is no obligation to pay VAT duties 90 days after an invoice is issued when the goods are not yet exported to their non- EU destinations.

It is possible to transfer goods via direct exchange between Italian transferor, non-EU transferor, Italian end-buyer without having to carry the goods to the non-EU country and ensuring due assignment by the Italian transferor.

Considering that the FZ was recognized as "type-1 EU free zone" which provides that the area is enclosed within a well-bound perimeter surrounded by a fence and surveilled 24/7 by security guards.
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