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Consorzio Formazione Logistica Intermodale (CFLIIntermodal Logistics Training Consortium), a training company of the Port of Venice, organized a meeting for the presentation of the "Youth Corner" as part of a European project for the fight against youth unemployment. This meeting, like all the training activities organized by CFLI, is the result of the efforts put by the Port Authority in supporting youth and their professional growth. In particular attention is placed on the enhancement of the human resources that make up the multiple professions and jobs of the maritime-port cluster, investing in human capital, improving professional qualification, occupational safety conditions and competitiveness.
The Youth Corner service is part of the Youth Guarantee project, the European Implementation Plan of the fight against youth unemployment, supporting youth between 15 and 29 years of age. The corners will be an effective tool to give youth effective access to the programme, with reception and information, taking charge, individual interview and profiling and guidance services.
The meeting was held on Friday 19th September at 9.00am at the port area Santa Marta Fabb. 16; various experts and authorities were in attendance and the Youth Corner of CFLI was introduced; its peculiarities as priority gate to the Port and logistic activities were also illustrated. During the meeting the work opportunities offered by the “Expo Venice” event were also described. Both job-seeking youth and companies were invited, to seize the opportunities offered by the programme in terms of work placements and subsidies for recruitment.
Admission was free subject to prior subscription on paper form (fax 041 5334157) or through the attached on-line form.

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