Port Authority, Harbourmaster, Health Office, Customs, Law enforcement Agencies.
Port Authority, Harbourmaster, Health Office, Customs, Law enforcement Agencies.

The institutions in the Port of Venice.

Venice Port and Airport Health Office




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The Port and Airport Health Office (USMAF) is a local branch of the Ministry of Health. Its main task is to check the health and hygiene of food for human consumption that does not contain animal products, materials that will be used in contact with food, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and all other goods originating from non-EU countries that could pose a potential health risk for individuals.

USMAF also checks the health of the environment on board ships in all the ports falling under its jurisdiction. It also issues a number of documents, including health clearance documents for all ships hailing from non-European ports, sanitisation exemption forms for all ships, and, for Italian ships only, it certifies that the water supply on board is potable and that the ship's medicines cabinet is suitably equipped.

USMAF also makes available its doctors to supply the vaccinations required based on international health protocols and conducts the medical assessments needed to be included in the Italian List of Seafarers.
Offices and opening hours

USMAF offices are located on Fondamenta delle Zattere in Venice.


Offices location e e numeri di telefono

Dorsoduro, Zattere - 1416
30123 Venezia, VE


Tel.: 0659944836 – 0415102377 (centralino)
Fax: 0415102866

Tel.: 0659949334-9333
Fax: 0415222129

Medical visits and vaccinations can be booked either by phone or directly at the information desk (open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 13.00 pm).


usmafsasn.vefvgtaa@postacert.sanita.it (pec)
usma.venezia.rich@sanita.it (only nos/dce request)