The Venice Port Authority believes in its human capital, and has founded two training centres that teach and conduct studies on specific areas of interest.


Training in the port

As the competition between ports increases, the underlying production network needs to be organised and efficient, and must supply the highest standards in services.

In order to compete in the current scenario, the Venice Port Authority (VPA) implements policies aimed at enhancing people and the specific professional and vocational skills that characterise the port/sea cluster. Aware of the importance of its human capital, APV invests to improve professional skills, work safety conditions and the competitiveness of the Port of Venice. It has also founded two training and teaching/learning centres focusing on specific port-related disciplines:

  • CFLI (Consorzio Formazione Logistica Intermodale) offers hands-on, theoretical and refresher courses for those already working in the port, in addition to students and workers who would like to train in the vocational and professional skills needed in the port, logistics and transport sectors.
  • VE.MAR.S - Venice Maritime School: offers training activities, in line with the STCW '78-'95 international Convention, for the practical and theoretical training, and requalification of maritime staff and students or workers who would like to train to work at sea.