The Venice Port Authority to join the corporate board of the International Transport Forum

The first port in the world to be invited to join in the debate on the future of transports with the best companies and excellences of the industry.

The Port of Venice was invited by the Secretary General of ITF José Viegas to join the Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) of the International Transport Forum, a board of excellence made up of approximately 25 companies of the likes of Google, IMB, Esso, Cosco (Ocean Shipping Company), CCC (China Construction Company), SNCF (France), Volvo, Nissan, Michelin and other partners operating in the sector of transports, energy and finance with clear growth perspectives and with the objective of accomplishing the Cop21 emission-reducing strategy by implementing efficient transport systems.

“It’s an honour for us to be the first port to be invited to join ITF Board. The board’s objective is to create a platform which can trigger a high-level debate with important representatives of the transport industry to find together innovative solutions to be replicated around the world to the advantage of the entire community. The port of Venice is proud to be able to join in the debate on the future of transports and port systems”, the President declared while signing the Memorandum of Understanding ratifying the port of Venice’s admission in the Board.

Josè Viegas and Paolo Costa
Josè Viegas and Paolo Costa