The Port of Venice jointly participates in the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin with the Veneto Region


Berlin, 5-7 February

The Veneto port system is in Berlin from today February 5 until February 7 to promote and present its competitive assets in the perishable sector to the visitors of Fruit Logistica, as the international exhibition covering each single sector of perishable and fresh trade.

This year for the first time, the lagoon port participates as a co-exhibitor of the Veneto Region, and it is physically located within its large exhibition space, together to Veneto excellent fruit and vegetable producers; indeed this year the Veneto Region presents in Berlin an offer integrated with the port-logistic services supporting its foreign trade.

In addition to the maritime connections with the Mediterranean countries (container and RoRo) and the intermodal service linking Germany with Greece - transporting perishable cargo as well - the Veneto port system can count on the Venice Green Terminal, as a specialized operator providing facilities for the storage and handling of products demanding controlled temperature.

To present these assets to the customers, the delegation of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is composed with freightforwarders, shipping agents and terminal operators specifically dealing with this sector.

Berlin represents also an opportunity to re-launch the "Masters of Fresh" brand, which made its debut just at Fruit Logistica a few years ago. The brand is a clear international recall to the history of Venice, starting from the double meaning of the term Master; the Venetians were in fact "Masters" of fresh as the commanders of the ships that traced and traveled the Spice Routes, as well as Masters of the art of  the conservation of perishable goods, also thanks to the use of spices. Another reference to the excellence of the Serenissima is the one of the Fondaci, as warehouses for storing products and for the quick management of control procedures, as well as today in the Venetian hub are available structures specialized in the speed up of the traffic of perishable.