The Port of Venice in competition for the ESPO Award 2017


The project of the port of Venice has been shortlisted, together with the ports of Antwerp, Brest, Guadeloupe and Oslo, for the ninth ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) Award on Societal Integration of Ports, on the 2017 theme “Art and Cultural involvement of the port”.

The project of the Port of Venice, called “Arterminal”, presents the ultimate art venue in Venice, located in a mixed area where port activities, university premises and private homes coexist side by side.
The name “Arterminal” was specifically chosen to evoke the relevance of the harbour for the city of Venice, strengthening its international relevance and facilitating the exchange and encounter between different cultures and different forms of art.

The renovation works started in March 2015 and were completed in the beginning of May 2015. The finished “Arterminal” was launched during the 56th International Art Exhibition in Venice. For the launch of the venue, the Port Authority chose the graffiti exhibition “The Bridges of Graffiti”.

The President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority says: “For a thousand years, goods from all over the world have been shipped through the Port of Venice, since long before Venice became the starting point of the journeys of Marco Polo and the end point of the Silk Road, thus bridging countless markets, different cultures, and new continents. The opening of the Venetian waterfront to art and culture through Arterminal can continue this tradition, by giving voice to all the different expressive realities that we can reach out and experience through travels and trades by sea.”

The jury selected the finalists from a total of 13 submissions, and the winner will be announced on 8 November at the ESPO Award ceremony in Brussels