The NAS Port Authority pursues the 5th UN goal through its institutional policies

Goal 5 under the Millennium development goals states that the achievement of gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority pursues this goals, carrying out gender policies through its institutional policies.

Data actually mirror this principle: in 1997 female employees not even reached 10 units; in 2005 they reached 30% of total employees and in 2017 they are close to 50% of the total workforce.

Besides, such positive data are connected to the young age of female workers, settled at the medium age of 40 years: the youngest civil servant is 28 years old, the oldest is 52; they are younger than the general average of 43 years old.

Furthermore, the high level of education of female employed at the Port Authority must be stressed: 85% are graduated and in most instances they earned more than one master degree.

Finally, 8 Units are headed by women, all of them playing strategic roles over the overall institution’s mission.

Female employment rate in NAS Port Authority
Female employment rate in NAS Port Authority

UN 5th goal
UN 5th goal