The European Project Inwapo “Upgrading of Inland Waterways and Sea Ports” kicks off in Venice

The Venice Port Authority is the lead partner of the initiative of a total amount of 3.8 milion euros where the 5 NAPA Ports get together to increase the competitiveness of intermodal transport.

The European project INWAPO starts in Venice. The initiative aims at promoting a better coordination among different actors involved with the growth of competitiveness of the alternatives to road transport, as a mean of cooperation within the logistic multimodal field.

The Venice Port Authority is the lead partner of the initiative and hosts the launching event, with the participation of the President of Venice Port Authority -  Mr Paolo Costa - and the intervention of the Regional Ministers for Internal Navigation and Cross Border Cooperation of the Veneto Region. Besides, Luca Ferrarese, as the Director of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Central Europe Programme in Vienna, will take part to the event.

The initiative is one of the strategic projects connected to the priority 2 of Central Europe Programme for the improvement of accessibility to and within Central Europe.

Logo di Central Europe - Cooperating for success
Logo di Central Europe - Cooperating for success
Una nave in arrivo a Venezia
Una nave in arrivo a Venezia

The partnership is large and strategic, and (besides the Venice Port Authority) counts on the participation of 15 partners of 7 Countries, including the 5 NAPA Ports (North Adriatic Port Association that links the ports of Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Koper and Rijeka): Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Transport of Hungary, Ministry of Navigation of Austria – Via Donau, Association of Industries of Northern Italy, Port of Vienna, Usti Region (CZ – Elbe), Mazowia Region (PL), Slovak Society of inland Ports and Waterways of Slovakia, Port of Budapest, Slovenian Ministry of Transport, Port Authority of Rijeka and City of Vienna as observers.

Once again, Venice Port Authority and NAPA Ports are in the front line for the European Territorial Cooperation.

The event will be concluded at Palazzo Ducale in Venice where INWAPO partners will visit the exhibition “Venice and Egypt”,  thanks to the cooperation among Venice Civic Museums, Port Authority, City Hall and the Patriarchate, besides the support of national and local institutions.