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TalkNET aims at improving and strengthening the coordination among freight transport stakeholders (ports, inland terminals, transport operators and policy makers) for efficient and environmentally-friendly multimodal transport solutions in central Europe. Two main fileds of actions have been identified within the project: multimodality optimization (last mile connections, multimodal terminal efficiency, improvement or activation of multimodal services) and ECO-innovation solutions (alternative fuels, energy efficiency solutions). The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is the lead partner of the project, that involves other 14 project partners.

Port of Venice’s actions: the port of Venice will carry out analysis and feasibility studies for the improvement of existing and new services to connect the port to the central European markets, removal of bottlenecks for the operational capacity of the node and energy efficiency solutions. Moreover, pilot actions will be implemented to optimize control systems of rail traffic and shunting operations in order to develop interoperability and integration with railway freight corridors.

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