The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development



The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (NASPA) is a strategic player for the economy and the well-being of the North East of Italy, namely the main centre of prosperity, innovation and employment of the Country.

In the last three years, NASPA re-allocates resources to find the right balance to successfully preserve and valorise the territory, together with its economy, even facing the difficult climate challenges of the near future, learning from the past and applying the technologies of the 21st century.

In this perspective, the NASPA is working to demonstrate that it is possible to combine sustainability and development of ports in terms of traffic volumes and prosperity as well as in terms of lagoon, habitat and environment preservation or in terms of well-being of communities.

In line with the philosophy of the ONU 2030 Agenda, the NASPA aims at enhancing and coordinating all the future sustainability efforts to be carried out by the ports of Venice and Chioggia: to pursue this target an important role will be assigned to the cooperation with all the partners of the supply chain, working together on new technologies to make activities and operations not just greener, but also more efficient and economically viable and financially feasible.

In this section you will find a sum-up of all the policies and tools adopted and applied to reach a sustainable development of the Veneto port System referring to three defined fields - social, economic and environmental - known as the three pillars of sustainability