Supair - sustainable ports in the Adriatic - Ionian region


The discussion among experts in the sector has dealt with two closely intertwined aspects, namely how to make port-logistics operations greener and increase the competitiveness of our ports, ports of Venice and Chioggia.
The Focus Group took place within the framework of the SUPAIR European project "Sustainable Ports in the Adriatic-Ionian Region", co-funded by the ADRION territorial cooperation programme for a total value of over € 1 million, which seeks to address the issue of emissions reductions of greenhouse gases produced by maritime transport and port operations on land in the Adriatic-Ionian region.
Common baseline for the seven ports participating in the initiative (in addition to the port of Venice, including those of Trieste, Koper, Bar, Durres, Thessaloniki and Piraeus) is to gather information and opinions of institutional and commercial stakeholders - through these technical round tables - which will then be drafting the port energy management plan, which identifies the most promising technologies for the improvement of the overall energy efficiency of the port.
In concrete terms, the project now underway, which will end in December 2019, includes various measures, ranging from the development of a Port Smart Management Tool, to the electrification of the quays, to pilot actions as special measures to reduce the noise pollution of port operations on neighboring urban areas, the revitalization of green spaces in the port area and the construction of low-carbon transport systems.