Studies for the development of the RIS operability along the northern Italy waterways system 2010-IT-70203


Project concluded

The TEN-T project RIS Italy “ Studies for the Development of the RIS Operability along the Northern Italy Waterway System” aimed to support and strengthen the operability of the IWW in Northern Italy by increasing its efficiency, security and safety level and fostering its integration into the logistic chain by implementing a RIS prototype and the governance, technical and legal scheme of its management.
The project main obtained outputs are:

  • Updated ENC (electronic cartography) of the River Po and its channels;
  • RIS prototype installed and tested, for commercial purposes;
  • River navigation simulator (Venice Port Authority);
  • Proposal of organizational model and regulation for national inland navigation;

Period:  from 01/03/2010 to 31/12/2013
Beneficiaries: Sistemi Territoriali Spa(coordinator), AIPO, Province of Mantova, Venice Port Authority;
Project total budget: € 5.060.000