The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development

Seafarers’ welfare


Maritime transport has a crucial role in the world economy and represents the main component of commercial trades worldwide. The effective and efficient functioning of the logistic global chain counts on the hard work of seafarers, who spend several months on board, far from their countries and families.

In order to foster and reach a more and more socially sustainable environment, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (NASPA) has been carrying out some important initiatives, both to raise public awareness on seafarers’ contribution and to provide them with adequate hospitality services.

Seafarers’ welfare
Seafarers’ welfare

These activities are developed in cooperation with the Harbourmaster and with two local dedicated associations, Stella Maris’ Friends and Mariport providing support on daily basis and during emergencies or abnormal situations.

These associations operate in order to provide the seafarers with hospitality services during their temporary stay at the port, such as commodities sale, land transport services, internet access, and religious services.

NASPA and the Harbourmaster are in charge primarily in case of emergency or difficult situations, for instance in case of a vessel requisition, in order to coordinate all the backing operations: electric connections, food supply, transport and mooring services, seafarers’ repatriation, etc.