The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development


Port operations are complex activities, and operators must work safely and in a safe environment. The Venice Port Authority promotes safety through training initiatives and by constantly monitoring port operations.

What is the 'Safety' initiative?

'Safety' is a training, information, prevention and control initiative to ensure proper compliance to regulations and good practices on safety.

The aim is to ensure the hygiene and health of workers and avoid accidents. Safety requires special attention in port environments as many different operations are performed by many different workers.

Operations in a terminal
Operations in a terminal

The Port Authority for Safety

Through the Intermodal Logistics Training Consortium (CFLI), Venice Port Authority (VPA) organises safety and accident prevention training courses several times a year.

These courses are divided into levels and target specific types of port operations and their particular safety requirements.

In order to more broadly disseminate a culture and sensitivity towards safety, VPA organises a special event, the Safety Day, and dedicated seminars.

In addition, the VPA monitors the safety of port and associated activities 24/7. It conducts more than 650 yearly inspections in the terminals during loading, unloading, transshipment, cargo handling and deposit, on the quayside, on board ships, in warehouses and in the yards.