The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development

Relations with the local Community


Each year North Adriatic Sea Port Authority promotes a range of initiatives aimed at understanding the needs of its surroundings, and increasing the knowledge of port activities and its benefits to the local community and the venetian citizens.

A traditional event

All the activities aimed at strengthening the relations between the port and the city of Venice are conducted under the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority's “Open Port” initiative. Established over twenty ten years ago, it encourages integration and interaction between port and city, involving a great number of people of all ages, inquiring to gain a better knowledge of the dynamic port reality.

A “young” port

Many of the “Open Port” activities are dedicated to educational institutes. Scholarships of all ages are guided through an educational, informative and entertaining path, focused on sea culture and on the symbiosis of port and city.

Relations with the local stakeholders
Relations with the local stakeholders

Guided tours to the port

Guided tours to the port are the most successful and appreciated activities of the “Open Port” initiative. Tours are dedicated to students and citizens, in order to show them the port and its operations, and how it contributes to the local economy.
The visitors are taken to visit the port canals and have the opportunity to see  little known Venice areas that aren’t usually accessible. North Adriatic Sea Port Authority staff accompanies them by boat giving them an overview on vessels, goods and port procedures.

Other activities

The “Open Port” initiative also includes other events organized in the city, such as traditional city fairs that closely involve the local community, water sports events and races that take place in the city. Thanks to the “Open Port” activities, participants have the opportunity to get in touch with the port and lagoon side of Venice, by passing through the Santa Marta, San Basilio, Marittima and San Giuliano waterfronts, or by visiting the cargo and passenger port, or else by practicing sports in very close contact with the lagoon ecosystem.


ESPO Award on Societal Integration of Ports
Over the last few years North Adriatic Sea Port Authority has participated in this award, organized by ESPO (European Sea Ports Organization) to promote the projects aimed at the integration of ports with their cities.